Bamian Mountain receives first Malaysian tourists

Apr Fri 2024
Bamian Mountain in Longshan County, Xiangxi Prefecture has been popular with tourists due to its unique natural resources in recent years.

It welcomed the first batch of Malaysian tourists on April 17. This Malaysian tour group of more than 10 people were amazed by the beautiful scenery along the way up the mountain. They enjoyed the wonderful views, tasted delicious food and experienced local folk customs in the scenic area.

As they arrived, the staff played the gongs and drums, and sang songs to warmly welcome them.

“This is the first time we have come to such a beautiful place. The sky is blue, the environment is good, and we are very happy. We want to let more people know this beautiful place when we go black, so that more Malaysian people will come to experience Chinese culture and appreciate the beauty of China,” said a Malaysian tourist.

During the trip, the staff also provided tourists with a comfortable travel guide and guided services. The unique experience left a deep impression on Malaysian tourists who couldn’t help but keep taking photos.

Xiang Kang, chairman of Bamian Mountain Scenic Area, said that they would showcase the folk customs of Longshan County to foreign tourists with hospitality and good services. Meanwhile, they would continue to optimize characteristic routes, and accelerate the promotion of tourism resources, making contribution to the development of all-for-one tourism in Longshan County.
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