Xiangxi promotes rural revitalization through work-relief programs

Apr Thu 2024
Recently, a special meeting was held in Xiangxi Prefecture to promote follow-up support for relocation, work relief and development work in Xiangxi. Attendees visited Huayuan County and Baojing County to conduct on-site inspections on the construction of work-relief programs, analyze the shortcomings and difficulties, and share their experiences and practices.

Last year, Shibadong Village invested 400,000 yuan to improve the living environment of four natural villages, adopted work-relief programs to help over 100 people from 65 households to work at their doorsteps, with wages of about 150,000 yuan paid.

“Work-relief programs can promote employment and improve labor skills, which are a win-win policy,” said Liu Qinghua, director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Huayuan County. The work-relief programs cover 29 categories in 9 major fields, promoting the process, template and list management of key engineering projects such as agricultural and rural infrastructure construction and government investment.

Last year, Huayuan County was approved as a national county with significant achievements in work-relief programs.

Liu Hongxia, secretary of Ganxi Village, Baojing County, said that since 2022, through promotion of work-relief programs, the county implemented quality improvement projects for roads in the village, helped 108 local villagers work nearby, distributed labor remuneration of 1.029 million yuan, and improved the production and living conditions of 1,661 people in 446 households.

Xiangxi Prefecture will combine work-relief programs with consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, optimizing the business environment, and expanding effective investment to promote rural revitalization. 

A coordination mechanism at different levels for the construction of work-relief programs was established throughout the prefecture, with 858 village-level labor cooperation organizations set up.

Comprehensive evaluation mechanisms for mass labor organizations, labor remuneration distribution, employment skills training and work-relief model have been built.

The work-relief work experience has been promoted as an advanced model nationwide.

In 2023, Xiangxi Prefecture implemented 26 work-relief programs, and promoted 250 projects in key engineering projects and agricultural and rural infrastructure, with jobs offered to 21,700 people, labor remuneration of 405 million yuan given out, and income per capita increasing by 201 million yuan.
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