Jishou takes measures to promote tourism consumption during May Day holiday

May Wed 2024
During the May Day holiday, it’s estimated that Jishou City of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture received 303,500 tourists and achieved a tourism revenue of 313 million yuan.

30 activities were held in the Aizhai Wonders Tourist Area and Qianzhou Ancient Town Scenic Area, like immersive interactive Miao wedding banquets, wax printing, Miao song duets, interaction between anime characters and tourists, camping around a campfire, and paragliding. Besides, high-altitude projects such as high-altitude COS and skydiving were also launched.

During the May Day holiday, the two monitored tourist areas in the city received a total of 228,200 visitors and generated a tourism revenue of 12.9228 million yuan. The Aizhai Wonders Tourist Area made the list of the top A-level scenic areas for accumulated tourist flow in Hunan Province.

Large commercial complexes such as Rainbow and Sky Square launched discount and promotion activities.

Such programs as classic and nostalgic Cantonese song concert and stage plays were presented in Rainbow, attracting citizens and tourists.

Various activities such as children’s basketball games, cosplay shows, and electronic music festivals kicked off in Sky Square Hongda Plaza, with consumption vouchers distributed to attract consumers to participate in the “lucky draw”.

Jifeng Mountain Shenglong Park offered discounted tickets to citizens and tourists.

The Aizhai Bridge Scenic Area gave discounted prices for the performance Dehang Fantasyland, high-altitude projects, and paragliding.

The Canyon Starry Sky Campsite also provided discounted packages for children’s amusement projects and brand-new tent accommodation.

During the holiday, the Dehang Fantasyland was greatly popular with one ticket different to get. Tourists could participate in a Dehang wedding banquet across time and space. The ticket revenue for this performance alone hit 171,300 yuan.

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