Liye Qin Slips Museum launches themed activities

May Mon 2024
On May 18, which marked the 48th International Museum Day, the Liye Qin Slips Museum in Longshan County of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture launched a series of activities, such as the Qin Dynasty ceremonial dance performance “Qin Welcome Dance” and rubbings.

The dance is based on the Chu dance and characterized by twisting the waist. The performers are dressed in black long clothes and a large red long skirt, with a silk ribbon tied around the waist and hair tied with a red rope, which is a typical costume of Qin females. With light and graceful dance movements, it expresses the welcome to tourists from all over the world and allows them to experience the art of song and dance in the Qin Dynasty.

At the site of rubbings, students from Liye Ethnic High School completed the rubbings of Qin characters on bamboo slips and patterns of Qin eaves tiles. They discovered the stories behind cultural relics and understood the historical value of Liye Qin bamboo slips through interaction.

Besides, the Liye Qin Slips Museum also provided free explanation services for visitors and a multimedia promotional video titled “The Story of Qianling” was played regularly from May 18 to 19, allowing them to explore the history of the Qin Dynasty through the Qin bamboo slips and experience the various aspects of grassroots society in the Qin Dynasty.

According to the head of the museum, the museum will carry out educational and promotional activities through various forms based on museum resources and space, so as to create a “second classroom” for youth education.
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