Fishing industry makes village prosper

Jun Thu 2024
A fishing competition was held at the Feitian Fishing Base in Wuguoliu Village, Pushi Town, Luxi County on June 18, attracting fishing enthusiasts from Jishou City of Xiangxi Prefecture, Chenxi County and Yuanling County of Huaihua City and other places to participate in spite of heavy rain.

Yao Zhilian, head of the Xianglian Breeding Cooperative in Wuguoliu Village, said that the fishing base opened on June 2. 40 fishing points have been built by the fish ponds, one fishing exhibition hall has been renovated, and a store have been opened to provide rental services for fishing bait, fishing rods, and other items. The base has created a service chain that integrates eating, renting and tourism.

“In order to attract more people, two fishing competitions are held every week, with a bonus of up to a thousand yuan. There are more than 20 participants at least in each competition. At the same time, catering and store services are provided, with great popularity,” said Yao Zhilian. The base has offered six villagers jobs, with an estimated annual output value of up to 2 million yuan.

Wuguoliu Village, backed by the Yanmenxi Reservoir and surrounded by the Yuanjiang River on three sides, has rich water resources with a unique advantage in developing the water economy.

The village has spared no effort to develop the aquaculture industry on the premise of ensuring grain production. Investment has been introduced to upgrade and renovate 70 mu (about 4.67 hectares) of fish nurseries. 80 mu (about 5.33 hectares) of fishing bases, 100 mu (about 6.67 hectares) of South American white shrimp farming bases, and 128 mu (about 8.53 hectares) of lobster breeding bases have been developed.

A modern aquatic demonstration area integrating fish fry breeding, leisure fishing, and rice and fish co-culture has taken shape in the village.

“The development of the aquaculture industry boosts villagers’ income and strengthens the village collective economy,” said Yao Yuangang, Party secretary of the village. Last year, the village achieved a collective economic income of 500,000 yuan, which were mainly used to improve infrastructure, provide public welfare positions, and help disadvantaged groups in the village. This has stimulated the endogenous power of villagers to develop the village collective economy, and enhanced cohesion to achieve common development.
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