Mar Tue 2024

Jixin Town promotes agricultural products through e-commerce

Recently, villagers and anchors introduced local specialties in the e-commerce base of Jixin Town, Fenghuang County.

Mar Tue 2024

Villagers develop tourism through Longshan Lily

Tourists gather in groups to take photos in a sea of lily flowers at a lily park of Jishou City.

Mar Mon 2024

Tanxi Town sees bumper harvest of morel mushrooms

Morel mushrooms are growing well in the agricultural base of Qieji Village, Tanxi Town.

Mar Fri 2024

Chili seedlings increase farmers’ income in Xiangxi Prefecture

Xiangxi has many high mountains and deep valleys, making it a good place to plant chili peppers.

Mar Thu 2024

Potato industry brings wealth to Hualu Village

Planters in Hualu Village, Longshan County were busy helping potatoes sprout from the plastic films.

Mar Tue 2024

Cultural tourism development promotes integration of ethnic groups

The development of the cultural and tourism industry can promote integrated development of economy and culture among ethnic groups.

Mar Tue 2024

Tea cultivation boosts villagers’ income

Niujiaoshan Village has 13,800 mu (920 hectares) of tea garden now.

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