May Fri 2024

Baojing Golden Tea sells well at home and abroad

Baojing County has 155,000 mu (about 10333.33 hectares) of tea gardens.

May Fri 2024

Floral handicrafts increase villagers’ income

Workers were busy producing 40,000 flower craft products in the production workshop of Zhicheng Crafts Co., Ltd. in Dalan Town, Luxi County.

May Fri 2024

Villagers manage Longshan Lily

Villagers were busy weeding the lily planting base in Shipai Town, Longshan County on May 21.

May Fri 2024

Baojing Industrial Development Zone develops characteristic industrial chains

Now, there are 70 enterprises that operate normally in Baojing Industrial Development Zone.

May Fri 2024

Jishou promotes cultural tourism in Chengdu

A promotion meeting for cultural tourism of Jishou City was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on May 23.

May Thu 2024

Over 30 special agricultural products of Xiangxi promoted in GBA

Recently, the Hunan Agricultural Industry Brand Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen.

May Wed 2024

Monk fruit helps increase villagers’ income

Villagers were busy transplanting monk fruit seedlings at a planting base of Qianghu Village, Jishou City on May 20.

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