May Tue 2024

Jiwei Farm busy cultivating rice seedlings

Jiwei Town has made every effort to promote the 3D targeted positioning seeding technology of rice.

May Mon 2024

Liye Qin Slips Museum launches themed activities

On May 18, which marked the 48th International Museum Day, the Liye Qin Slips Museum launched a series of activities.

May Mon 2024

Pupils learn lion dance at school

The representative inheritors taught students lion dance at the Aizhai Primary School in Jishou City on May 16.

May Fri 2024

Brand value of Guzhang Maojian Tea hits 3.703 billion yuan

The brand value of Guzhang Maojian Tea hit 3.703 billion yuan, ranking 45th among regional public brands.

May Thu 2024

Miao people celebrate Flower Jumping Festival

The Flower Jumping Festival was held in Shanjiang Town, Fenghuang County on May 15.

May Wed 2024

Yongshun Vine Tea sells well

Villagers were busy picking vine tea leaves in the tea garden of Fashu Village, Furong Town on May 14.

May Wed 2024

Blueberries ripen in Changle Township

Blueberries are hanging all over the branches in the fruit garden of Nawuche Village, Changle Township.

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