Nov Thu 2023

Aizhai-Shibadong-Dehang Grand Canyon Scenic Area’s development path

The Aizhai-Shibadong-Dehang Grand Canyon Scenic Area is the “youngest” 5A scenic area in Hunan Province.

Nov Tue 2023

Youshui Bridge wins Structural Awards

On November 11, the Youshui Bridge in Furong Town won the Structural Awards.

Nov Fri 2023

Intangible cultural heritage performances staged in schools

On November 8, performers staged puppet and shadow plays for primary school students of Xiangxi.

Nov Thu 2023

Mushroom industry helps increase income

The photos show residents harvesting mushrooms in Wanmipo Town, Baojing County.

Nov Thu 2023

Sugarcane harvested

The photos show villagers harvesting sugarcane in Zhongnan Community, Longshan County.

Nov Tue 2023

Integrated trading platform launched

On November 4, the “Mysterious Xiangxi, Golden Tea Network” integrated trading platform was officially launched.

Nov Mon 2023

Poverty reduction forum highlights success in Hunan

Shibadong Village of Hunan Province has become a shining example of China’s great success in poverty alleviation.

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