Mar Mon 2023

‘Fruit seedling matchmakers’ in Xiangxi

Since December last year, 247 “Gold Scissors” women grafting volunteer service team members from Changputang Village have been busy in the fields every day.

Mar Fri 2023

Luxi County awarded ‘Natural Oxygen Zone of China’

Luxi County in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture were awarded the title of “Natural Oxygen Zone of China”.

Mar Wed 2023

Blooming plum flowers draw tourists

The first Plum Blossom Festival kicked off in Zhongshang Village, Danqing Town, Jishou City.

Mar Tue 2023

Study tours boost rural revitalization

Recently, Ganxi Village of Baojing County welcomed the first study tour group in 2023.

Mar Fri 2023

Jishou Xiangxi Golden Tea Cultural Tourism Festival to be held

On March 12, the 2023 Jishou Xiangxi Golden Tea Cultural Tourism Festival will kick off at the Tea Expo Park in Langmu Village, Majing’ao Town, Jishou City.

Mar Fri 2023

E-commerce training boosts female employment

The photos taken on March 2 show the female trainees learning how to do livestreaming marketing at Yunfeng Community, Jishou City.

Mar Thu 2023

Blueberry base in Changle Township

The photos show dozens of villagers ploughing and fertilizing plants in their respective areas in the blueberry base of Nawuche Village, Changle Township.

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