May Tue 2024

Technology empowers income increase

Agricultural experts provided tea planting technical guidance for farmers in Hulu Town of Baojing County on May 13.

May Tue 2024

Rapeseed harvested in Qingcao Village

In the rapeseed field of Qingcao Village, Luxi County, workers were busy harvesting rapeseed on May 13.

May Mon 2024

Brand value of Baojing Golden Tea hits 4.093 billion yuan

Baojing Golden Tea has a brand value of 4.093 billion yuan, ranking 35th among regional public brands.

May Sat 2024

Call for Papers

Human rights are a symbol of human progress.

May Wed 2024

Jishou takes measures to promote tourism consumption during May Day holiday

During the May Day holiday, Jishou City received 303,500 tourists and achieved a tourism revenue of 313 million yuan.

May Tue 2024

Xiangxi has three national agricultural products

Recently, a total of 12 brand agricultural products in Hunan Province made the list of the first batch of “China’s agricultural products”.

May Mon 2024

Three scenic areas in Xiangxi rank among top ten

During the May Day holiday, 40 tourist areas monitored in Xiangxi Prefecture received a total of 1.279 million tourists.

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