Feb Fri 2023

Dehang Village listed as national key village for rural tourism

Dehang Village in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture has been rated as one of the national key villages for rural tourism.

Feb Thu 2023

Garden party held in Xiangxi Ever-bright City during Spring Festival holiday

During the Spring Festival holiday, the garden party in Xiangxi Ever-bright City gained in popularity.

Feb Thu 2023

Fenghuang County to host second Tourism Development Conference of Xiangxi Prefecture

On January 31, Fenghuang County was determined to host the second Tourism Development Conference of Xiangxi Prefecture.

Jan Mon 2023

Job fair kicks off in Jishou City

On January 29, the 2023 Employment Assistance Recruitment Activity kicked off at the People’s Square of Jishou City.

Jan Sun 2023

Art works exhibition kicks off in Yongshun County

On January 27, the art works exhibition kicked off at Xiangtan Cultural Leisure Square in Yongshun County to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Jan Fri 2023

Villagers in Gaozhai Village develop characteristic industries

​​​​​​​The photos show the villagers busy carrying the roots of kudzu vine in Gaozhai Village, Xiluo Town, Longshan County.

Jan Tue 2023

Chen Hua elected as prefect of Xiangxi Prefecture

Chen Hua was elected as prefect of the People’s Government of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

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