Oct Fri 2023

Hongshilin Town promotes rural revitalization through courtyard economy

In order to increase the income of farmers, Hongshilin Town has invested 1.2 million yuan this year to develop the courtyard economy.

Oct Thu 2023

Golden tea attracts tourists

On October 24, visitors enjoyed the Baojing Golden Tea in the Wind and Rain Corridor at Huangjin Village, Baojing County.

Oct Wed 2023

Traditional culture promoted in schools

The photos show students performing the lion dance at Shazi’ao Primary School of Xiangxi.

Oct Wed 2023

Xiangxi Art, Calligraphy, Photography and Crafts Exhibition held

From October 20 to November 20, the Art, Calligraphy, Photography and Crafts Exhibition is being held in Xiangxi Literary Federation Exhibition Hall.

Oct Tue 2023

Huayuan promotes tourism resources in Changsha City

A promotion conference was held by Huayuan County in Changsha City on October 20 to promote its tourism routes and projects.

Oct Mon 2023

Chilies boost rural revitalization

In Mid-autumn, villagers were drying red chilies at Jinlong Village, Shuanglong Town, Huayuan County.

Oct Fri 2023

Bumper harvest of oil tea fruit

In Caojia Village, Guzhang County, oil tea fruits are hanging on the branches.

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