Apr Mon 2024

2024 Xiangxi Golden Tea Appreciation and Marketing Event kicks off

The 2024 Xiangxi Golden Tea Appreciation and Marketing Event was held in Jishou City on April 12.

Apr Mon 2024

Villagers transplant chili seedlings

Recently, villages were busy transplanting chili peppers in Miezei Village, Neixi Township, Longshan County.

Apr Mon 2024

Villagers embrace new quality productive forces in Huayuan Town

In the past few days, villagers in Huayuan Town have been busy with spring ploughing.

Apr Fri 2024

Luxi Tahuzaohua displayed in experience hall

“Tahuzaohua”, an intangible cultural heritage item, was displayed in an exhibition hall of Changsha on April 10.

Apr Thu 2024

Rapeseed fattens villagers’ wallets

Rapeseed is the leading agricultural industry in Baojing County, with a long history of cultivation.

Apr Tue 2024

Huayuan County receives over 54.41 million yuan during Qingming Festival holiday

Huayuan saw a peak in tourism during the Qingming Festival holiday, with 56,534 tourist trips made.

Apr Sun 2024

Xiangxi Prefecture receives 374,600 tourists during Qingming Festival holiday

During the Qingming Festival holiday, the 40 tourist areas monitored in Xiangxi Prefecture received a total of 374,600 tourists.

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