Apr Wed 2024

‘Border Town’ staged in Fenghuang Ancient Town

On April 1, a live-action drama “Border Town” adapted from the novel of the same name was staged in Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Apr Wed 2024

Qianzhou Ancient Town sees booming night economy

Qianzhou Ancient Town will make efforts to enrich diverse characteristic “night” activities based on local culture.

Apr Wed 2024

Spring tour routes worth recommending in Xiangxi Prefecture

Here are some spring tour routes in Xiangxi worth recommending, allowing tourists to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery.

Apr Tue 2024

Xiangxi Miaoxiu Essence rated as national cultural industry demonstration base

Xiangxi Miaoxiu Essence Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. was honored as a national cultural industry demonstration base.

Apr Mon 2024

Leisure food helps promote rural revitalization

The workshop of Hunan Qinghe Livestock Industry Company is a hive of activity.

Mar Fri 2024

Matsutake mushrooms harvested in Huayuan County

In spring, in Changtan Village, Huayuan County, matsutake mushrooms emerge from the mushroom beds.

Mar Fri 2024

Xiangxi girl promotes spring tea in London

Long Lingzhi showcased tea art at her booth of the 2024 International Food & Drink Exhibition held in London, UK from March 25 to 27.

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