Mar Thu 2024

Villagers busy picking spring tea leaves in Jilue Township

Farmers in Hangtuo Village in Jishou City are now busy picking tea leaves.

Mar Tue 2024

Spring tea promotion activity held in Guzhang County

A spring tea promotion activity was held in Chaye Street of Guzhang County, Xiangxi Prefecture on March 22.

Mar Mon 2024

Black fungus promotes rural revitalization

Farmers were busy picking black fungus in the cultivation field of Maxi Village, Baiyangxi Township, Luxi County on March 22.

Mar Mon 2024

Huayuan caviar recognized by foreign company

From March 19 to 20, the quality control expert group of Metro Group visited the Frenchina Sturgeon Caviar Co., Ltd.

Mar Fri 2024

Xiangxi Spring Tea Tasting and Promotion Meeting opens

The Xiangxi Spring Tea Tasting and Promotion Meeting was held in Huangjin Village, Baojing County on March 20.

Mar Wed 2024

Tea farmers busy picking Mingqian tea leaves

It’s the golden period for picking Mingqian tea.

Mar Wed 2024

Rural e-commerce empowers characteristic industries

In recent years, Jishou City has attached great importance to the work of assisting agriculture through e-commerce.

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